Thursday, August 19, 2010

Skip Bifferty

Another obscure late 60s psychedelia British band who never quite made it but later on became a bit of a cult. They were apparently lauded as the next big thing at the time in the 60s but then again there was a lot of competition back then for that. The album itself is quite good but i don't quite get how brilliant they were supposed to have been to be honest. Its good psychedelia with some good soulful vocals but not earth shattering enough to really propel them from the crowd, which is probably why they remained a cult. Great cover art though.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


No i didn't get the month wrong, July was a late 60s British psychedelic band who released this self-titled album back in 1968. Like a number of other bands back then they didn't really go anywhere and broke up (usually for the members to resurface in other bands) as psychedelia morphed into other music genres as we entered the 1970s. "My clown" is a good song, with distorted vocals and a laid-back hazy feel. Its a nice little album though probably not distinctive enough to stand out from the crowd.
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