Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Psychocandies - you feel the sun (i kiss the floor) (Dufflecoat)

This is glorious noise. The Psychocandies' debut EP has razor sharp feedback straight out of the JAMC school married to atmospheric soundscapes. Harsh and gritty (8 track studio naturally) yet with a beauty amid the waves of noise and post-punk beats. The title track has a wave of screaming guitar noise amid beats that disappear into the ether. Its pretty awesome to be honest.

"A place in the sun" is a long continuous grind and howl that seems recorded in a nuclear bunker, or it seems so anyway. "You got no soul" has brutal industrial beats and slabs of guitar noise, deadpan vocals natch. The closer "Psychotic" reminds me of noise jams from the likes of Fushitsusha. Its fantastic and you need this in your life!

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