Friday, December 28, 2012

MV : "Afar" by The Ice Choir

Enough wallowing in 2012 nostalgia already, lets have something new.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Best of 2012 (3) : A-Z of 2012

So ends the 2012 season of indie/alternative/whatever on this blog. Come back soon for the exciting 2013 season! To conclude this is a playlist of songs that we played a lot this year, not all are from 2012 but all were played a lot by us in 2012. We've done it as an A-Z though a few letters are missing so we only have 21 songs. But they are all great! Happy holidays!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Best of 2012 (2) : Top 10 records

Our top 10 records of 2012 (or rather November 2011 to November 2012 as thats a bit fairer!)

1) rapproacher - Class Actress
2) anxiety - Ladyhawke
3) afar - The Ice Choir
4) ashes and roses - Mary Chapin Carpenter
5) something - Chairlift
6) signs of a perfect disaster - Sea Dweller
7) robots EP - Maple Leaves
8) sleep in symmetry - Some Gorgeous Accident
9) loveless (remastered) - My Bloody Valentine
10) it started with an April shower - The Gentle Isolation

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Onward Chariots - this is my confession

US indie pop band Onward Chariots release this new album early in 2013 which has 16 tracks on the theme of doomed love. The styles and sounds are highly varied, for example "This is my confession I" has a great psychedelic feel that at times sounds like it come off out of a vault of lost 60s classics while "I just met a girl" has an infectious bubble pop shuffly melody. "Sisters and brothers" starts off a bit 70s prog rock before moving into a slinky pop beat.

So the styles are all over the place but they are unified by great melodies and pop energy, a great example of the latter being the pacey guitar pop of "I want everything". "Get me out of this party" has an 80s electro-pop feel and a great title for a song. "When you're smiling" is one of my favourite tracks on the album with its sweet indie pop feel and psychedelic flourishes. The folky pop "You don't have to be unhappy" is also lovely with its added brass, adding that perfect little extra to finish the song off.

An album with some many styles could be a problem but this one isn't. Instead of jarring its a great pop journey and is glorious all the way through!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Best of 2012 (1) : Top 10 songs

Its the end of the year and of course we have a look back at whats thrilled us and whats delighted us and other ways to fill the blog.

Next week we'll look at the top 10 albums / EPs but this week here is our top 10 songs from 2012 (or rather November-ish 2011 to date). The list is a glorious mix of synth-pop, shoegaze, C86, country, rock, folk and punk. That reflects the eclectic mix of music we like but also reflects the amazing variety of the music scene nowadays.

Anyone who tells you music now is rubbish and it was much better in the past is basically an idiot. The music glass is always half full thus i am excited about what 2013 could bring...

1) let me in - Class Actress
2) a vision of hell, 1996 - Ice Choir
3) jump line - Sea Dweller
4) gone gone gone - Ladyhawke
5) heaven can wait - Tender Objects
6) jericho - Mary Chapin Carpenter
7) satellite distortions - Downdime
8) the abject - Cave Cat
9) robots - Maple Leaves
10) DIY - When Nalda Became Punk

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Feeder - pushing the senses (Echo)

Feeder's 5th album from 2005 still sounds as exhilarating today, "Feeling a moment" sparkles above all (above pretty much most songs ever made to be honest) with its high-energy euphoria and amazing pop-rock melody. You just want to listen to it again and again. I do.

Another highlight is "Tender" with its piano led opening building into epic rock ballad territory. "Pilgrim soul" has some brilliant Feeder-esque noise blasting in to drive the song along. Overall the album is a pretty decent collection of tracks, some like "Bitter glass" are a bit indie-rock by numbers but still perfectly fine to listen to. But hey the highlights really are highlights, they make this album essential.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Coldplay - myl oxyl oto

Coldplay's 5th album continued along from the successful blueprint of earlier albums, anthemic indie rock often of a quasi-religious nature. Its also full of songs that appear time and time again as the soundtrack to sports highlights packages and mobile phone adverts, "Paradise" for example has seen plenty of use by advertisers. But why not, its an epic song with a massive synth-chorus that sounds like its blasting out of a cathedral organ.

"Hurts like heaven" is another of the big hits, rocking along in what sounds like a post-modern update of a 70s pop rock sound and then merges into a beautiful synth lush but sparse melody. "Every teardrop is a waterfall" is spacey and another epic anthem. "Princess of China" is a little odd, and not just because Rihanna helps out on the singing, it has a heavy synth remix feel amid waves of guitar nose. Its odd and pretty good too.

Its very commercial, high concept, polished and very good. So there.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Arctic Flow - dreams you'll never find (Dufflecoat)

The Arctic Flow's new single for Dufflecoat Records is a lush collection of blissed out dream pop. And dreamy it certainly is on "cruel kids" which drifts along slowly in clouds of sweet effect pop noise. The title track lifts the pace and has a classic dream pop sound, all breathy vocals and low-mixed melody.

"Friends for Summer" has a more organic feel thanks to the acoustic opening but continues the relaxed blissed vibe with a definite feel of melancholy and half-remembered memories of a more innocent time. Finally "Just say hello" has a beautiful fuzzy melody. This is an EP is lovely lush sonic memories and is highly recommended.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Top 5 Records (November)

1) afar - The Ice Choir
2) reading too much into things like everything - The School
3) ashes and roses - Mary Chapin Carpenter
4) loveless (remastered) - My Bloody Valentine
5) sleep in symmetry - Some Gorgeous Accident