Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tokyolite (SEA Indie)

Indonesian band Tokyolite are quite distinct from most bands in the SEA Indie scene. Which is good as we need variety in life, they are funky instead of jingly jangley. They go more for mellow groove jams than Cardigan-esque tunes and this single is a great piece of distinctive music. "Move it" has a great chilled vibe that underpins a melody and feel that is both funk pop and indie pop.

"Never want" is even more chilled out and mellow, breathy vocals over a slinky guitar line. "Hello" is another laid-back funk pop journey with an R&B feel. Great pop for a hot sunny day, or any day. Especially a day of travelling. Available as a free download from the SEA Indie website.

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