Thursday, August 1, 2013

Outerhope - no end in sight EP (Number Line)

Delicate dream-pop sounds drifting off into the ether, thats what Outerhope sound like on this EP which is available as a free download here. "Lost year" is laid back and restrained, beautiful pop tones almost lost in the mist but sparking mystery and nostalgia. "No end in sight" is a bit more upbeat (well slightly) and has a catchy melody over a layered pop journey.

"Hear the days go by" has some heavenly synths, its another laid-back layered intelligent pop track. A ethereal soundscape thats the perfect track to watch the stars by. Finally "Pale as the day" is more acoustic and reflective. Its on that lush end of the dream-pop spectrum, sequencers and sonic layers and totally lovely. Its like a Summer evening, sitting out in the cooling air.

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