Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tina & David Meltzer - poet song

Celebrated Beat Generation poet David Meltzer recorded this album with his then-wife Tina (now passed away) in 1969 following on from another more psychedelic album they did together (with a few others) under the name of The Serpent Power. A mixture of songs and spoken word pieces, the former handled by Tina who has a lovely warm voice, indeed David said the album was written to showcase her voice and it surely does.

Highlight for me is "Lullaby", a truly beautiful song, a gentle yet slightly haunting melody supported by strings. To me its a true lost treasure from the late 60s. Unfortunately nothing else really matches up to that song to make this album a genuine lost classic but its well worth a listen anyway.

"Pure white place" is an "of its time" song with its themes and rootsy feel and is an enjoyable listen. Less essential maybe but perfectly ok are songs like the county tinged "Hymn to love" and "It is for you", a lightly fluffy and somewhat throwaway song but still fun.

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