Monday, September 30, 2013

MV : "Sign" by Moist

Not the old Canadian band, a new fresh Indonesian one.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Top 5 Records (September)

1) Various - Recorded For Japan
2) My Bloody Valentine - EPs 1988-1991
3) Kippington Lodge - shy boy
4) The Olive Shoots - anteros
5) Kenny Feinstein - loveless: hurts to love

Thursday, September 26, 2013

MV : "Cool kids" by Twin Cabins

Love the percussion noises.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Twin Cabins (Dufflecoat)

Twin Cabin's EP on Dufflecoat is a beauty of sometimes asymmetric dream pop. "Pier cafe" is a bit of a shamble, but joyously, with guitars that sound like they are made from the Moon. "Lake Love" adds no-fi electronics, harsh beats and a haze of fuzz. Its a bit crazy and beautiful too, like the old Birmingham Central Library that masterpiece of brutalism before it was replaced by a cakebox.

"Cool kids" sounds like the kids are trapped in a psychopath's dungeon lair. Out of control electronics crash amid distorted dreamy guitar noises sounding a bit like Stuxnet taking control of the end of the world. "With benefits" is quite crazy, a jumble of noises and half-heard tones and sheer joy. "If you could" is a bit nursery rhythm at the start, before exploding into another noise fest.

It can be a bit odd yes but also beautiful. Amid the chaos is a pure beauty. Love it!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Amida - are you on fire? (Dufflecoat)

Amida's 7" EP for Dufflecoat Records is poppy and punky. Side A's songs "Are you on fire" and "Uncross your fingers" are short and energetic guitar pop thrash with catchy melodies and an infectious urgency.

On side B things are more varied but no less lovely, "Absolute reality" has some lovely pop tones as it sweeps along. "Soft spot for Catholics" is more mellow with a minimal guitar backing. Finally "Hoods chapel" ends the EP with a stomping upbeat number. Amida do not break new musical ground but do the basics oh so well, and quickly.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Love The Unicorn - sports (Dufflecoat)

Rome-based Love The Unicorn have just had this EP re-released on Dufflecoat Records. Love The Unicorn have an interesting sound, a little dreamy but shot through with piercing guitar chords driving the melodies as well as a shimmer of noise and joyful pop tones.

And there are some great pop moments on here, "Girlfriend" is a great sound with an interestingly varied melody, a great chorus and some juicy guitar chords. "Toulouse" also has some interesting synths to give a bit of a spacey edge to what is another good indie pop song.

My favourite song though is "Ghost and believers" which throbs with guitar noise and has an infectious melody that you don't want to end. Great indie pop record!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Olive Shoots - Anteros (Dufflecoat)

The Olive Shoots have a marvellous sound on this new EP available from Dufflecoat Records, that sound is big with pop hooks and synths in abundance. "Heaven is on the fire" swirls with electric pop noise, a synergy of indie pop, retro synths and big 80s electric pop. A mix that wins in so many ways on this evidence. "Gynaecology" shimmers with a potent electric buzz over which vocals swish and float interspersed with atmospheric pop. It reminds me a bit of Curve in some ways.

"Psyche" is more overtly retro, at times sounding like a lost 80s pop track. Thats a good thing by the way. Finally the title track takes us down a more esoteric pop road, infinite synths taking us into the nexus of indie pop and video game interlude music.

A truly wonderful EP, one of the best of the year. Inventive, electric and above all a gorgeous pop adventure.