Thursday, November 5, 2015

Departure - Thai Indie Scene

A wonderful compilation of indie pop from Thailand from SEA Indie. Some great variety of music styles too, highlight of the album for me is the chilled electro-beat "Keyboard" by derdamissyou, a truly wonderful song atmospheric and mesmerising.

Slow Reverse's "when the worlds collide" has some lovely pop melodies coupled to breathy female vocals and a slinky guitar line, and one of the best choruses for ages. Little Fox's "what we are" is a bit New Wave-ish and a great relaxed pop beat. Colonial's "misplaced" is a great pop thrash with added novelty tones. Seal Pillow's "canvas shoe" is another lovely pop song with good energy.

On this evidence the Thai indie pop scene is thriving, and very varied. So much to enjoy.

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