Thursday, April 24, 2014

False-Heads - tunnel vision EP

This EP from London/Chichester based False-Heads is being re-released after being re-recorded and  repackaged and refined in June with an new track.

False-Heads have a sound thats quite retro in some ways bringing to mind early 90s indie with razor edge guitar in abundance and grungey overtones. "Fall around" has a good rumble to it and some decent pop hooks as well as screeches of rock noise attack. I like the fact the vocals are clear in the mix and arn't drowned out by noise, a mistake some bands make. "Without a doubt" has a more punky anarchist feel, good alternative rock thrash.

"Remedy" is sparser, bass driven near emptiness punctuated by shards of guitar noise. "Anything else" starts off fairly conventionally before erupting into a great thrash half-way through.

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