Thursday, January 9, 2014

Postcode - zebranthology (Small Bear)

Collecting together three albums worth of material this is an anthology of atmospheric noise from Small Bear Records' zebra obsessed band Postcode, a zebranthology of course. The amazing brutal power of "Lament" with it's wall of noise sits comfortably on here along with much more low-key yet no less powerful tracks like "Hope makes the stars shine brighter" which slips along dripping with menace and foreboding before exploding into a guitar scorching conclusion. "Charlotte" is almost gentle (in a way), acoustic yet still powerful. The acoustic tracks are indeed a great contrast to the shoegazey noise epics, tracks like "This is the last time i'll leave you alone" still have plenty of punk spirit and power.

I do like my feedback noise terrorism though and more wall of noise comes from the fantastically named "I'll be shoegazing for Christmas". "Lewis" is almost perfect, a journey through stark soundscapes building and building until it hits you with a nuclear warhead of guitar feedback. 46 tracks are on here and there are so many highlights i'd probably be writing a review of all of them for the rest of the month.

Just take it from me this is a wonderful collection of tracks, its fabulous - said it there in black and white (heh).

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