Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Kensingtons / The Rileys - everything nicer than everything else (Dufflecoat CDEP)

Dufflecoat Records' latest EP pairs up two indiepop quality bands in the shape of The Kensingtons and The Rileys. The latter's "Barriers of mine" gets us off to a deliciously spiky power pop start complete with squirty guitar chords. The Rileys also present the acoustic jaunty and slightly haunting folk pop of "I can't wait" which has some lovely baroque pop feel. Quite simply a perfect pop song for those dark months of the early year, its the sunshine you need. Vitamin D in sonic form.

"I love you tomorrow" has classic pop sounds mixed with a bit of folk jug root action. There should be more harmonicas in indie pop. Finally "Funky" is a fun folk-pop thrash, reminding me a bit of Matt Minglewood or something.

Now The Kensingtons who mine a rich seam of classic twee indie pop, "Please don't lie to me" is a bonafide indie pop epic with its waves of organ noises and clashing guitars. "Whether girl" is more big sound pop and a wonderful thing it is too. Finally "Hitboy 100" is more shimmering pop noise.

Two great bands, seven great songs. In a universe of pop treats this is one that can light your darkest skies.

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