Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Rolling Stones - emotional rescue

Released in 1980 Emotional Rescue was the first Rolling Stones album of the 80s though sonically the album is still stuck in the 70s and earlier. The disco funk opener of "Dance" gets the album off to a great start (though part 2 of the track is better). After that dancey intro the Stones slot smoothly into their usual blues rock schtick, which they pull off better than most bands of course. There are still surprises though, "Where the boys go" is an interesting excursion into something vaguely more punk or pub rock-ish.

Reggae can also be heard on "Send it to me" an interesting track about mail order brides, and the title track itself is an odd piece of disco with falsetto vocals. Mostly though the album is filler, good filler albeit. Its a bit of a strange album, by no means bad but very uneven. Kind of like Keef's face.

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