Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Top Of The Pops (Volume 29)

I often hunt charity shop LP bins for TOTP LPs but usually i am left disappointed, yesterday however i found this lovely little thing, the early 1973 edition of hit cover versions. It starts off with a rather weedy version of "Blockbuster", more side street VHS video shop to be honest. A cover of Elton John's (Elton sang on a TOTP cover back in the late 60s of course) "Daniel" is quite nice but the covers of "Me and Mrs Jones" and "Substitution" really are well worth the price of admission (which was only a pound anyway).

These days a Gary Glitter track like "Do you wanna touch me" can only be approached with oodles of dark humour (the answer is No! No! Noooooo! of course). ELO's "Roll over Beethoven" is much more wholesome fun. The Top of the Popper session musicians ace the trademark Status Quo sound (not that many chords to remember obviously) and the cover of "paper plane" is very enjoyable. Classic sounds, just a little bit different.

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