Thursday, February 20, 2014

College - teenage color EP

Neo-synth or 80s revisited electronic dance music can be a wonderful thing and a blitz of familiar pop cultural references if you grew up in the 80s (as i did). College produce lovely music, fresh and familiar at the same time, the soundtrack to a TV series about a car with laser beams that somehow never got made. But should have.

The title track has a great meaty melody line and is the best slab of 80s synth funk since ...well about 1989. Drum machines kick in just at the right time, layers and layers taking you away from the dullness of the modern world and back to the electric possibilities of an earlier age. "My secret romance" sounds a bit like a lost New Order remix, which is certainly no bad thing.

Its the perfect soundtrack for cruising in your Lamborghini Countach... or Ford Fiesta maybe.

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