Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Edward Woodward - this man alone

Yes that Edward Woodward! He released a couple of albums in the early 1970s of which this was the first. Released around the time Woodward was finding fame in the role "Callan" the album ties in with the series slightly with his look on the cover and one of the songs (the title track) using the TV series' theme.

So how terrible is it? In the early 1970s record companies, awash with cash post-Beatlemania, were releasing all sorts of dubious albums (yes i have once owned Tony Jacklin's "swings into") so how bad is an Edward Woodward album? Actually its not bad at all, Woodward could sing for sure (and very well as a crooner) and the album is a perfectly passable sub-Matt Monroe collection of ballads.

"This man alone" is cold and dark, as with much of the album the song deals with isolation and being on the outside. The most interesting track is probably "The tide will turn for Rebecca", written for the album by Elton John and Bernie Taupin! Its quite a soaring number, maybe somewhat overwrought but i guess that adds to the overall fun and satisfaction this album can give you.

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