Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Postcode - zebratronic

At the time of recording a duo, Mikie and Marie a.k.a. Postcode (the Isle of Man's most famous zebra fans of course) on their third album present a different and excitingly experimental sound. Drum machines, synths and plenty of noise thanks to alternate tuning added to the noise power and menace of earlier times. "Be back before dawn" has echoing guitar feedback plus a fuzzy melody and sounds pretty amazing.

There is a lot to enjoy on this album but to just pick out a few tracks: "Losing the battle" has a frenetic beat underpinning waves of noise. "Escape" wrings menace out of what sounds like a Casio keyboard and a melody that sounds like Earth after an alien invasion. "Epitaph" has some 80s goth feel and the echoes of guitar chords from the last ice age. "Out of my mind" has what sounds like a TASER (i'm sure its not, actually no i'm not sure at all).

Postcode's new album is amazing, inventive and thrilling. Mysterious and powerful, esoteric and straightforward, tender and brutal all in the space of a few seconds. Its true alternative music, different and dynamic but so listenable too. Its the best album of 2014 so far, i know its only early in the year but to beat this will take some doing.

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