Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ruthann Friedman - windy: a Ruthann Friedman songbook (Now Sounds)

A collection of obscure and previously unreleased self-penned tracks from the late 1960s and 1970s from singer-somgwriter Ruthann Friedman. She wrote the big hit "windy" for The Association and this is represented here in demo form, and a lovely slice of 60s pop it is too. Sparse and acoustic and also so vital. But that song is just the beginning and just one song in a collection of expertly written and performed psychedelic rock and pop.

Other highlights include "Don't say no", another wonderful track, haunting and psychedelic. "Halfway there" is terrific rootsy folk rock. "When you're near" is another lovely slice of pop, this time with horn flourishes. "There's a place in the sky" throbs along with delicious organ.

As with many (though not all) collections of unreleased songs from the 60s you wonder how the hell tracks of such quality remained in obscurity for so long. Thats so the case with this fantastic compilation, well now they are out there for everyone to enjoy!

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