Thursday, February 13, 2014

Syarlothsita (SEA Indie)

Syarlothsita love to play for both children and adults and as you can imagine therefore their songs as on this EP for SEA Indie (available as a free download) include a good deal of whimsy and cuteness. Both of these helped a great deal by the inclusion the likes of the ukelele and glockenspiel in their music. Syarlothsita actually produce lovely music, its cute and intelligent and well crafted too such as on the sweet ballad "Jane and the rain".

"When we have our arm fold" continues in the same vein, sounding a bit like the theme tune of a beloved yet half-forgotton children's TV show. "Circus in town" is perhaps the most overtly "children-y" track though its also the sparsest of the 3 songs on the EP with just a piano backing. Oh its lovely, it'll probably make your teeth fall out with its sweetness but so will Cadbury's Cream Eggs and you don't mind do you?

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