Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tommy February6 - Tommy airline

Tommy February6's second album continued the synth and electro vibe of before, this time going deeper into dance pop with a definite 80s edge. The single "Magic in your eyes" is infectious bubble gum pop with a hook to die for, though does slightly go on a bit too long.

Highlight though has to be "Dancin' baby" which sounds so much like early Madonna it actually makes Madonna herself sound like a cover artist. Amazing track with perfect early 80s electro pop sounds... even though this album was released in 2004. Amid the dance pop though is also a terrific slow ballad, "I still love you boy" almost perfectly trademark JPOP ballad though this also throws in plenty of retro 80s synths.

Its relentless, its unashamedly upbeat and pop, and also its unashamedly wonderful.

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