Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chas & Dave - that's what happens

Rockney legends Chas & Dave return for their first studio album in nearly 20 years but this is altogether a big different. Cockney knees-up by the old joanna are at a minimum, instead there are a number of covers harking back to the band's blues and folk skiffle roots and its wonderful. Its relaxed, authentic and great fun too. The superb single "When two world collide" is an easy melancholic slice of swing. Jug skiffle stomp "Railroad Bill" which starts the album off is almost like a history of pre-rock and roll western pop music on its own.

"Rocking gloworm" sounds like a silent movie soundtrack and probably the closest you will get to the "classic" 80s Chas & Dave sound (which some hate and some love - personally i am in the latter). The acoustic reworking of their big 80s hit "Ain't no pleasing you" is sublime and probably worth the money on its own.

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