Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Julie Ruin - run fast

The Julie Ruin is an exhilarating rush of riot grrrl punk and intelligent modern alternative pop. You, of course, should expect nothing less considering the members of the band including the legendary Kathleen Hanna of course. Its a long time since Bikini Kill and even Le Tigre perhaps but the dynamism, anger and sheer excitement are still there but now there is so much more too.

Starting off with "Oh come on", its an amazing punk thrash but just the start of a journey that takes us through inventive pop, sharp surf guitars and synths culminating with the synth laden autobiographic reflection of the title track. Kathleen delivers a blistering vocal attack throughout helped out on tracks like the psycho-surf-thrash-pop-kinda-thing of "South city pizza" by Kenny Mellman.

The album is a smorgasbord with so many surprises and twists throughout. Some highlights include "Cookie road" brings together the above mentioned punk and pop elements in a frenetic yet jazzy pop attack. "Kids in NY" is a delicious shamble of a track. "Goodnight goodbye" has a cosy pop melody. "Girls like us" is a majestic synth driven track.

Riot grrrl is a music movement i grew up with. Its been a long time since 1991 thats for sure. However its never sounded more relevant or more alive than on this astonishing album.

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