Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bob Dylan - self-portrait

Received wisdom is that this Bob Dylan album from 1970 is rubbish. Largely a collection of folk and country covers even Bob himself the album was a bit of a joke and was intended to try and get rid of the "spokesman of a generation|" tag. Well as you may have guessed by now Trip-TV make up their own minds (and seldom "receive" wisdom) and do not follow the crowd. Therefore we disagree even with his Bob-ness, "Self-portrait" is actually a pretty good album.

Thats not to say its perfect but songs like "All the tired horses" with its slightly falsetto singing are definitely enjoyable. Country weepy tracks like "I forgot more than you ever know" are superb, even if you get the impression Bob was laying it on a bit thick. How about "Woogie boogie" which is a great romp, and a ..er.. boogie. The cover of "The mighty Quinn" is surely a worthy groovy track?

Well there are 24 tracks and its hard not to find at least something to enjoy. Its not classic but its very good and well-worth checking out.

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