Thursday, April 3, 2014

Corniche Camomile ‎- onepiece recording

Japanese pop duo Corniche Camomile produced lovely twee indie pop in the late 1990s. Rather Cardigan-ese with added sweetness and sunshine. Songs like "Chelsea walk" evoke an idealised  nostalgic bubble pop view of swinging 60s London, all polka dots beehives and ITC TV programmes about space ships. The reality was not as cool alas but never mind, we can imagine.

The song titles of this mini-lp can't help make one smile,  for example "Wink service" which is a lovely little song even if its just a lot of la la-ings over an acoustic melody, it reminds me of a 70s daytime ITV programme's theme tune. "Banana desperation" (now thats a song title!) even rocks a bit, but still in a twee and nostalgic way.

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