Thursday, April 17, 2014

Linda Guilala - xeristar EP (Elefant)

Linda Guilala's EP is fuzzy and spacey, in fact its pretty awesome too. "Chicas guapas" shimmers with a retro-synth backing overlaid by razor sharp and razor thin guitars. It all ends with a crescendo that sounds like the end of the space station or Godzilla's revenge. Yet despite that its also incredibly poppy but also very intense.

"Lo siento mucho" erupts with a wall of guitar noise before returning to the retro-future. "Verano" is a punk-pop masterpiece, frenetic and uplifting. A terrific racket too. Listen to "No me veis" and waves of pop noise feedback wash over you. It can only be wonderful.

"Haciendo dano" is driven by harsh guitars and urgent keyboards. Its brutal and beautiful at the same time. Finally "sabados de tormenta" is the perfect way to end the EP, with a punk-pop thrash! Truly amazing music you should check out... NOW!

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