Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Your Imaginary Friends - one dreamy indeterminate hum

Your Imaginary Friends purveyors of quality indie pop, masters of the lovely pop hook and instantly catchy melody. This was their debut EP and a great collection of tunes it is too. "Hey Rowena!" is a masterful, catchy and laid-back. Simple and effective right down to the "la la"s that come in half-way through. "By beautiful intentions" is dreamy and laid-back. "Oh Liza" more upbeat and shining through with beautiful jingly jangle guitar chords.

"Nikita" isn't an Elton John but a lovely indie pop song in its own right. Finally the intriguingly titled "She's all sirens (and i am fiction)" is a little twee epic. Your Imaginary Friends are still around though have changed their names to We Are Imaginary, hopefully more great tunes are coming no matter what they are called.

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