Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Bloody Valentine - isn't anything

The debut LP by My Bloody Valentine is considered by some their best work (personally i prefer "Loveless" - just) but it is nothing less than an iconic album that changed the world - the indie world at least. Coming in 1988 it changed the direction of indie into a noise and feedback filled near future inspiring so many bands (ok many were terrible copyists but by no means all) up until the present day.

Amid clouds of feedback and drones of noise "Isn't anything" invented the shoegazing sub-genre. More urgent than "Loveless", perhaps a little more conventional but only a little. Highlights include opener "Soft as snow" which sets the tone with its weird drone noises and tempo changes. "Lose my breath" is blissful dream pop, yet with an underpinning of menace. "Nothing much to lose" descends into an acid-haze.

"Feed me with your kiss" was the single and grinds along irresistibly, i've always thought it was a little basic though compared to the rest of the album. Its still good though as the album is great, its more than great. Its the one "everyone" talks about, and for once everyone is right.

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