Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Byrds - ballad of the easy rider

The eighth album from The Byrds from (late) 1969 was tied into the film "Easy rider" and leads off with the theme song "Ballad of Easy Rider" though most of the album has little to do with the film actually though helped rise the album's (and the band's) profile. A return to form and a cohesive album after a period of turmoil in the band the album has a number of lovely country rock and psychedelic tracks.

Its also a varied album, the folky title track followed by the rockier and even a bit funky "Fido". "Oil in my lamp" is a beautiful piece of period psychedelia, razor sharp guitar tunes punctuating the sweet country rock harmonies. Great song as it is the following "Tulsa County" is even better, a superb country track.

Another highlight is the laid-back and reflective "Its all over now, baby blue". Its a cohesive and assured album full of beautiful tunes, the sound of the end of the 60s, the sound of the frontier.

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