Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Your Imaginary Friends - silence is a villain

Your Imaginary Friends produce wonderfully rich indie pop/rock packed full of great tunes and melodies, choruses and a little sprinkling of fuzz fuelling songs about heartbreak and loss in the greatest alternative tradition. All elements are present on this tremendous mini album leading off with "Your silence is the villain", an exciting indie pop/rock rush driven by urgent bass. "Beyond euphemisms"  is more down beat and pared back but still an essential pop rush.

"While beating red lights" is a richly textured pop song full of beautiful hooks and melodies. "Visiting hours are over" is a little dreamy and layered. "In Washington Drive" takes us down a more acoustically melancholic and laid back avenue (or drive). Finally "Baby you're going to Hell" marries bitter lyrics to a playful backing. Its a song only a band on top of their creative force could do, and is the perfect way to end a varied and exciting album.

Sadly this was the end of Your Imaginary Friends... actually no need to be sad because they just changed their name. Step forward We Are Imaginary, lets hope for lots more great indie noise to come!

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