Thursday, June 12, 2014

Adorable - sunshine smile (Creation)

The debut of Adorable was a great single. Actually more than great, a lot more. Back in the early 90s i regarded this as the best single in the history of mankind(!) So now its quite a few years later on how does it stack up...

The title track is still the amazing fusion of reimagined psychedelia, noise and alternative thrash. A swirl of acid noise dragging you into a whole universe of new possibilities. A parallel universe where the 60s never ended. And you never want it to end.

The B-sides arn't bad either, "Sunburnt" especially is drenched in pop noise. The vocals annoyed some, personally i liked them though i guess they can be a bit marmite. Well does it stack up? Is it still the best? I have to say yes. Maybe its nostalgia, maybe its just bloody mindedness. Or maybe it just is that damn good.

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