Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cozy Catastrophes - way last June

Insistent and urgent in a jingle jangle way, Cozy Catastrophes' debut album is not short of catchy melodies thats for sure. Tracks like "Always say never to forever" channel a number of C86 and psychedelic influences mixed up in a pleasing lo-fi twee soup. The music is simple, drum machines and guitars but you don't need an orchestra to produce a great pop track.

Judicious use of the glockenspiel on tracks like "Pillow fight" adds a further layer of whimsy but in a good way. "Wait up" has a lovely soundscape. Its an album thats well worth checking out.

Available digitally from here, a cassette version is also available. CDs are dead or something and vinyl is so last week. TDK forever yeah?

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