Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Cleaners From Venus - return to Bohemia

The latest album from Martin Newell who started out way back in 1973 as the singer of glam rock outfit Plod (cool band). The Cleaners From Venus have been around since 1980 and were a band who released many of their early works on cassette only. So thats the background (and it would be hard to find a cooler one) so what is the sound of Cleaners From Venus 2014 like?

Its very fine indeed. Songs like "Cling to me" have that easy class that only a true veteran who's been there and burnt the t-shirt can do. A great piece of rock and roll that song is, mixing classic pop melodies with a bit of a stomp. "Days of May" is reflective and laid back. Sounds wise this album is 60s pop melodies dipped in mellow British psychedelia the latter especially notable on the superb track "Mrs Gale and her new lover".

Well bottom line is its wonderful and its available from here, and you really should check it out.

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