Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kim Wilde - another step

Kim Wilde's 5th studio album from 1986 featured the monster hit "You keep me hanging on", a classy slice of late 80s pop with all the right sounds and attitude and the song that broke her in the US at last. It does the right thing for a cover version in that it mashes up the original and tries to produce something different while being familiar enough to gain instant recognition. It almost succeeds though maybe lost in the state of the art synths and production is lost a bit of heart.

Much of the rest of the album is in the same vein, a stand out track being "She hasn't got time for you", it feels softer and more heart felt than much of the rest of the album which can be harsh and mechanical at times. Its still pretty good but you just feel that is could overall have been a bit more soulful.

This re-issued version of the album comes with a second CD of remixes and single versions, including seven versions of "Say you really want me" back to back, its a good song but that might test the resolve of even the biggest fan!

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