Thursday, September 4, 2014


An intriguing life Mandy Smith has had, married and divorced to a Rolling Stone, a model and also an 80s pop star. Not bad for someone who is still only in their mid-40s now! Mandy Smith released this self-titled album by the (in)famous Stock, Aitkin and Waterman in 1988 and its bright electro-synth pop. Its very manufactured (her singing is not the best... or the worst, its perfectly fine on undemanding pop like this) and hyper mainstream of course but has a lot of charm and some great pop treats.

Included is an interesting version of "Don't you want me baby" along with the hits like "Positive reaction" which is a great pop track by the way. Best song though is "Got to be certain" one of the extra tracks on this reissue by Cherry Pop. This song was written for Mandy though a certain Kylie released it instead. Mandy's version is a lovely song with some amazing pop hooks and a catchy chorus.

So lets not be cynical for once and enjoy some straight forward shiny pop.

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