Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Watoo Watoo - une si longue attente

On their fourth album Watoo Watoo expand their soundscape from indie pop to encompassing the likes of space rock, new wave and retro futuristic sounds. Hooked into the same late 60s space pop fantasy as the likes of Stereolab but still at the core is a solid pop underpinning and some amazingly catchy melodies. Stand out is "Tes histories invisible" with its 60s organs, analogue synths and urgent tempo.

"Un lundi comme un autre" is another superb track, a spacey pop fantasy, an alternative future now (and a much cooler one than the reality). This is the soundtrack of purple hair-dos and silver jump suits. "Searching for Mr Right" is an example of the other direction of the album, relaxed lounge core though just as retro futuristic as the rest of what is simply an amazing album full of surprises and timeless perfect pop sounds.

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