Tuesday, December 2, 2014

White Door - windows

A lost and obscure synth-pop album from the early 80s, and it could well qualify as a "lost classic" by the quality of the songs and music. Take the title track, it might start with a rather insipid percussive rattle but soon serves us sizzling synth tones and an urgent (by early 80s standards anyway) melody with a great chorus. "In heaven" also shows a keen ear for a glorious yet fragile synth laden melody.

"Where do we go from here" has a very strong pop melody and is a true highlight of the album. Its the kind of song that puts a real smile on your face, especially the dinky electronic tangent the song heads into towards the end. Truth be told you can see why the album didn't propel White Door into the synth pop aristocracy, it lacks the edge and energy of other bands of the time though the somewhat delicate and ethereal feel of the album sounds more up-to-date for ears of today than some of their contemporaries. So they played the real long game and won.

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