Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bob Dylan - shadows in the night

Or Bob sings in the "club style". For his latest album Bob Dylan dips into the great American songbook and croons his way through some classics. Its Sinatra Jim... er... Bob but not as you know it.

The songs are still Bob Dylan though the tunes may be already very familiar. It can be enjoyed on many levels, nostalgically, humorously and mostly they can be enjoyed because they feel heart felt. The singing is not up to much these days but thats been the case for quite a few albums, but there are plenty of people with perfect vocal chords and many of them are as bland as grey porridge on a rainy day. This is very different, it envelopes you the more you listen to it. Its like a comfortable old jumper you found in your wardrobe which you had forgotten about for years. When you put it on at first its a bit strange and then the more you wear it the more familiar it becomes.

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