Thursday, March 5, 2015

Blind Mr Jones - crazy jazz EP

It is 1992 and for their second EP Blind Mr Jones presented a more evolved and expansive sound, still shoegazy but with lots of flute! "Fading fast" is a superb opener, fast and urgent, an eruption of guitar noise. "Dolores" was probably the closest song to their first EP "eyes wide" (one of the best shoegaze records ever released by the way). "Featherweight" is a beautiful track that brings their revised flute augmented sound to the fore. A relaxed instrumental, meandering through a soundscape of fuzzy guitars and flute. This was probably the highpoint of their shoegazing phase, for later records they did revert more to more traditional indie rock but this EP is one hell of a highpoint. Still to this day this record can blow most recent bands out of the way. It showed what was possible and where indie could have gone. We made a choice back then and we made the wrong one.

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