Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Monkees - the birds, the bees and the monkees

The Monkees' fifth studio album from 1968 and came as the band's star began its downward trajectory. The TV show that had propelled them to stardom had been cancelled, the movie failed and this album was the first not to reach #1 in the Billboard chart (it had to make do with #3). However it was still a solid piece of work that spawned the wonderful "Valleri" and "Daydream believer".

Other highlights include the rootsy "Auntie's municipal court" and the lush Davy Jones number "We were made for each other". Mike Nesmith's psychedelic "Tapioca tundra" is also an entertaining and interesting song. "The poster" is a simple but sweet 60s pop song.

There isn't anything bad about the album at all though it does sound as it was, the start of the band's slide downwards.

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