Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Velvet Tinmine

Velvet Tinmine brings together 20 long glam rock tracks from the early 1970s. For every Gary Glitter and T.Rex there were a number of Iron Virgins, Tartan Hordes and Tubthumpers which all need to be revisited for the cool band names alone.

Iron Virgin begin proceedings with "rebels rule" which is a very acceptable glam stomp. Other highlights include Plod (great name) with "neo city" which is slinky and sleezy rock. Hello's "another school day", Flame's "big wheels turning" and Washington Flyers' "the comets are coming" are both interesting and accomplished rock tracks. Truthfully there is nothing that terrible here and plenty that with a bit more luck could have hit the big time. Its called glam rock but really its great pop, often throwaway but so immediate with great melodies (if sometimes not that original) a plenty.

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