Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Movie : Leopard Fist Ninja (1982)

The funny thing about Leopard Fist Ninja is that it doesn't actually include any ninjas. Much of the film is a reasonable kung fu film set in the mysterious Chinese past... apart from the random appearance of the occasional black and white fighter. The plot is (as you might expect) a bit hard to follow though not exactly original. Japanese (who are evil of course) have invaded our heroes' land when they were children and killed their parents. Then they are sent to learn martial arts so they can avenge them. Et cetera.

Of course these films are generally not viewed for the story but for the fighting and there is a lot of it and it isn't bad. Its OK as a film though adding ninja to the title was obviously a cash in on the 80s ninja craze and seems a bit silly.

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