Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sagittarius - present tense

Although remaining pretty much unknown to the general public Sagittarius and their 1968 "present tense" album has a following amongst the underground hip scene, so is it justified? Lets note first that there wasn't really a group called Sagittarius this being a studio project mostly of Gary Usher but helped by Curt Boettcher and a host of guest musicians including Glen Campbell lending vocals on the excellent "My world fell down".

Musically it is a gem of late 60s psychedelia with folk and baroque flavourings. Its trippy and its pretty hippy. "Another time" is my favourite track, it is an excellent song with a lush, slightly hushed but catchy melody. The album lacks that bit extra to elevate it into a genuine lost classic but its a perfectly fine record, very much of its time.

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