Thursday, July 9, 2015

Chas & Dave - A's, B's and buried treasure

Buried treasure from Chas & Dave? Well yes it is, especially as it includes "Melancholy baby" one of my favourite songs, an irresistable rock and roll thrash and singalong. Though thats a fairly well known song, what is maybe more interesting on this record are the more obscure and the odd. Starting with the latter well the theme tunes of the likes of Sickness and in Health and Crackerjack are on here, which are all fun.

A couple of songs which start the album with Lonnie Donegan and Clarence Henry are good old rock and roll to start a knees-up anywhere. The album closes with a few songs recorded at Sun Studios including a nice version of "Ain't no pleasing you". The album covers familiar ground and the less familiar and some of the former are not as you quite remember. A lovely collection me old china.

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