Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Metric - pagans in Vegas

The new album from Metric is very fine indeed, and a definite album of the year contender. Its an explosion of incredible pop and synth treats, gorgeous pop hooks to die for drenched in high energy yet also often so retro synths - the only downside is that the filler tracks can sometimes sound like directionless 8-bit video game music.

Forget the filler though, the highlights of the album shine brighter than most. "The shade" is a wonderous track, a driving electric beat underpinning vocals at once needy and triumphant. "Celebrate" is another exciting and dance friendly upbeat track that shines so bright.

"Lie lie lie" recalls Depeche Mode being more downbeat and menacing though still with plenty of synthy life. "Cascades" breaks up the beats and synths and sounds like Tron gone wrong. But this album is so so right.

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