Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Movie : George & Mildred (1980)

A spate of British sitcoms (and a few dramas) went on the "big screen" in the 1970s, none really have had any lasting impact on the world of cinema though Porridge and Sweeney 2 are both decent films. The film version of George & Mildred however is widely regarded as one of the worst films ever made and a film so bad it actually killed off the genre...

Well thats that everyone else says, of course this blog likes to make it's own mind up. But yes the film version of George & Mildred is pretty awful, however it often becomes "so bad its good" that it is worth seeing at least once and has a few decent jokes. One problem with the film is that its so different from the sitcom it came from, most of the action taking place in a "swanky" hotel not outer London suburbia. Wrapped around George and Mildred's trip to the hotel is a bit of a farce involving rival gangsters and useless assassins, but of course G&M are completely oblivious to the chaos happening around them. So a terrible terrible film (but there are far worse) and i liked it!

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