Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - hell EP

A new EP from POBPAH, though the title track apparently is a bit of a left-over from their last album. Its a shame that happened really as "Hell" would have really added something to Days of abandon with its chirpy guitar work. The other two tracks are cover versions. A cover of Felt's "Ballad of the band" and is done with a lovely jangly melody and sunshine smile. James' "Laid" is interesting it doesn't really deviate from the original, though female vocals do add an interesting twist though it all ends a bit quickly. So three good songs and that makes a well worthwhile EP. You just feel, as with the last few releases from the band, there could be something more. Their first album was the record that bought me back into the indie scene after some years away, i'm not sure this EP would have had the same effect.

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