Sunday, April 10, 2016

Movie : Young & Dangerous : The Prequel (1998)

The Young & Dangerous movie series is about a bunch of Triad members and their adventures in the dark and squalid world of HK organised crime, this prequel details how the guys first entered this world and despite the ever present danger that prequels usually bring to a movie series this actually isn't a bad film at all.

The first portion of the movie is a bit of a slog though as the boys get kicked out of school for rock and roll and smoke, a lot (in fact an entire tobacco harvest seems to have gone into the making of this film). The action soon picks up once they join the Triads (which seems a bit easy, the boss of a local branch just asks them and they say OK) and being a Triad movie there is a lot of action and violence, and its bloody.

Of course the film throws in a number of pop stars (of the time) some of whom do not really seem to have a role in the film apart from adding to the star power but the leads are solid and the story while standard (betrayals, endless fights, respect your daigoh et cetera) is also solid and all in all a worthwhile addition to the series.

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