Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Jesus & Mary Chain - psychocandy

The long play debut of the Jesus & Mary Chain changed the world, or at least the indie rock part anyway. What is commonplace nowadays (shoegazing, feedback noise buried in a pop beat) was fairly unknown back in the mid-1980s when this came out and this album inspired so many. So what is it like, apart from iconic naturally?

A lot of it is very simple, classic pop melodies under a harsh layer of noise. But noise is beauty as has been proven so many times and this is beautiful pop. "You trip me up" is one amazing track among many, a growl under a chainsaw. "Never understand" and "The living end" also excite. Unlike quite a few iconic albums Psychocandy actually stands up pretty well, and noisily well too.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Top Of The Pops (Volume 18)

The July 1971 edition of the Top Of The Pops series. As i was in my Mum's tummy at the time and she always bought these LPs i was probably exposed to these tunes before birth... Its an eclectic mix as always including covers of hits by the likes of T.Rex, The Sweet and The Supremes. These covers including the opener "Get it on" are actually pretty good.

The Stones and Who covers are not though, TOTP albums did tend to fall down on the big rock bands. But hey this was fun and it was cheap and maybe its what made me the man i am today...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Strange Creatures - stargazer

The Strange Creatures play classic dream pop: sweet pop melodies, male female vocals, jingle jangle, whats not to love eh? Actually there is a lot to love here, the title track opener reminds me of a number of Sarah bands. "Despite everything" plays around with some interesting melodies and sounds adding a mysterious psychedelic edge to what is another lovely pop song.

"I feel like i'm on drugs" similarly takes us into light psychedelic territory. "I don't want to see your face again" is a big song, the ballad has that special sauce to elevate it above Yet Another Pop Song. Reflective and layered as it progresses, its the highlight of what is an EP of enjoyable surprises.