Friday, January 30, 2015

Top 5 Records (January)

1) Washed Out - within and without
2) Royal Blood
3) White Door - windows
4) Ramona Lisa - arcadia
5) Princess

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Zoe Muth - world of strangers

High quality country tunes which tell compelling stories in the best traditions of the genre. Each song is a snapshot of life with a solid and highly enjoyable backing. Zoe sings like someone who has seen it all and now sings about it with a world weary shrug. "Little piece of history" is a superb opener that shuffles along appealingly, the swaggering "April fool" and the totally infectious "Make me change my mind" stand out but the album as a whole wins.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

MV : "Paris is one day away" by The Mood

Classic early 80s tunes and styles!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Even As We Speak - one step forward

Sarah Records, the home of many great pop moments but one of the most upfront pop songs was "One step forward", superbly performed by Even As We Speak. A beautiful mid-tempo pop song with an irresistible chorus which erupts into a funk explosion. Maybe one of the best songs on Sarah in fact.

"Must be something else" is far more Sarah-esque, a laid back and delicate indie pop song though it also has some guts too. "Best kept secret" is also quite low-key but still lovely.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Movie Review : Stoner (1974)

So what did George Lazenby do after playing 007? Well he appeared in a HK action movie...

Dating back to the early 1970s when Bruce Lee was still fresh in people's minds and kung fu and martial arts was big business worldwide (or at least the current in-thing) comes Stoner, starring George Lazenby. Bruce Lee was originally set to star in this fairly standard but slightly odd film but after his untimely death it was decided to make the film anyway.

Solid martial arts skills in the form of Angela Mao was bought in as George's co-star. so let the hard kung-fu action begin! There is a kind of plot, something involving an evil gangster mastermind of course. A villain who has a ridiculously fast rotating desk... excellent! The (evil) master mind is creating explosives and drug smuggling in his (evil) underground lair but the plot, such that it is, is largely a bare frame on which to hang a sequence of excellent fighting set pieces.

The result is undeniably cheesy, fairly confusing but also highly entertaining. It is definitely an early 70s period piece and perhaps nothing that original from the time but worth seeing all the same. How many HK kung-fu movies had an ex-James Bond in them after all?