Thursday, July 16, 2015

Donovan - a gift from a flower to a garden

This collects together 2 of 60s singer songwriter legend Donovan's albums, the electric "Wear Your Love Like Heaven" and the acoustic "For Little Ones". Originally released separately and then together as one of the first rock "box sets" and only the third rock double album ever apparently fact fans.

I prefer the electric album especially on tracks like "Mad John's Escape" (who came from Birmingham apparently and ran away from Borstal and make it to Torquay). It has lots of late 60s pop feel and a healthy dose of psychedelia, some of the Eastern philosophy in the lyrics maybe sounds a little twee now but it was of its time. And was meant well, there are far worse philosophies to write lyrics using.

Musically it can be quite twee as well, which i like. The vocals are soft and chilled, its definitely an album to calm down to rather than use to try and get pumped up.

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