Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beijing - night

From New Haven, CT in the USA Beijing play guitar heavy emotional indie rock. Dark and melancholic like Smashing Pumpkins, "Night" is Beijing's full-length debut following on an EP in 2011. "Night" is full of songs with wailing guitars, big choruses, gutsy vocals and alternative noise. Its quite a 90s sound in many ways but doesn't sound dated, its very fresh indeed with plenty of great songs.

"Broken glass" and "Into the rain" are shining examples of their sound, structured melodic epics both of them. A heavier song is "Violent" which hits you with slabs of hard rock noise, terrific! One of the standout tracks is the opener "Acrobat" which can best be described as an alternative rock epic with waves of feedback and melodic doom. Great start to a great album, check it out and enjoy (you will).

Available as a free digital download or as a CD, check the Bandcamp page.

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