Thursday, November 14, 2013

Icona Pop - this is

The second album from the Swedish synth pop duo, and pretty pop-tastic it is too. Full of high octane high energy electro pop like the Chari XCX collaboration "I love it" (which has become a pretty big hit advertising phones and the like). It is the lead track and sets the scene for the album, noisy synth pop, dance beats, dual vocals. Its quite JPOP sounding in many ways especially on "We got the world" which reminds me a lot of JPN.

"All night" and "Light me up" have great pop hooks, though it does get a bit shrill at times. "On a roll" has some lovely retro synth beats.

Its got plenty of great tunes, stacks of great energy, but ultimately... its a bit empty. Its bubblegum and disposable, but fun with it.

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